Broadband Usage

33% of people in Ireland spend more than 20 hours online per week

New research from independent price comparison website shows that 33% of people in Ireland spend more than 20 hours online per week.

On average, Irish adults spend 12 hours per week online with 16-24 year olds more likely to spend 11-20 hours online whilst 35-44 year olds are more likely to spend less than four hours online.

The research also showed that nine in 10 have broadband internet access at home. 75% have broadband as part of a bundled product with just 25% claiming to have standalone broadband.

A detailed investigation into what exactly people in Ireland were doing online on a monthly basis highlighted the following activities:

Eoin Clarke, Head of, says: “This research into Ireland’s internet usage really illustrated how important the internet has become in Ireland. The research shows that more homes now have internet contracts than have contracts for television, gas, home insurance and motor insurance. The only utility contract that is more prevalent than broadband in homes in Ireland is electricity. 100% of homes have electricity and 91% of homes have broadband. With the popularity of broadband it is important to make sure you are on the right package to meet your needs.

“The survey showed that 33% of people in Ireland are spending more than 20 hours online so we would call on consumers to check to be aware of the data allowances on their broadband bills. Our usage patterns are changing and one in two of us are regularly watching video content online.  With this change one thing to be wary of is your data allowance.

“Some contracts can charge you higher rates if you exceed you exceed your data allowance so make sure you know what it is and try to stay within the limit. Recent research from uSwitch shows that the top three reasons people switch broadband suppliers are; price, speed, data in that order. There is a direct relationship between all three reasons in that the faster the speed, the more likely you’ll use more data and the more expensive your bill will be so make sure to find an broadband contract that suits you.”

A series of broadband guides has also been recently published by and are available to view on the website.